Common mistakes to avoid for beginner inline skaters

Inline skating looks easy doesn't it? You just put one foot in the front of the other and off you, some people think it's as simple as walking but soon realise that it is is far from that! Anyone who thinks that it is as easy as walking should remember one thing - we all had to walk before we crawled! It is important to spend a lot of time making sure that we our time when trying to learn inline skating. The great news for all beginners is that it is much easier to learn how to skate than walk! I've Read more [...]

Sail through San Francisco – top tips for making your trip an easy one

San Francisco is a marvellous city for any wide eyed traveller looking to find all the great things that American cities have to offer. More than that, San Francisco is a cultural hub, a place where you’ll see and feel culture. A vibrant foodie haven, a place of art and of course a city that comes with an abundance of must see tourist attractions – it’s a hard place to fit everything in for the traveller. Luckily for you, we’ve created 4 top tips for anyone heading to the city of bright Read more [...]

Two Top Movie-Themed Online Slot Designs

When it comes to understanding what makes a design great, it is important to consider all the different forms of creative design that is out there. A great deal can be understood about what instantly catches someone's eye, and what characteristics most people find interesting, by broadening your understanding of design. Viewing the intricate details and trends that you find in online gambling video games, especially those that are specifically themed, is a perfect way to implement a whole new dimension Read more [...]

Human Generosity

Everyone reacts to sudden wealth very differently, and whilst some choose to live the high life, others prefer to treat their friends, families and even strangers! We take a look at some of the most generous lottery winners of all time. Nigel Page and Justine Laycock In 2010, Nigel and Justine won £56 million on the Euromillions and decided to give their cleaner Denise Kelso their £400,000 house and their £19,000 Honda Civic as a thank you for her hard work cleaning their property for the Read more [...]