Can Australia Retain The Urn?

Following Australia's emphatic whitewash of England in their home country in the winter of 2013, Michael Clarke and friends will be hoping to repeat the feat in England in the summer of 2015 and keep hold of that extremely tiny but extremely valuable urn. The Ashes are the pinnacle of cricket, and an event that every sporting fan looks forward to. England were followed by a large (and long suffering) army of travelling fans and it is likely that Australia will be no different. Following their Read more [...]

Creative Ways to Travel Cheaply

If you’re anything like most people, you’d love to drop everything and go see the world for a few weeks, exploring and experiencing new countries and cultures while racking up the memories of a lifetime. The main thing that stops people in their tracks from traveling though is, you guessed it: money. But did you know that traveling doesn’t have to mean saving up a huge amount of money to spend all in a few weeks? You can use some creative strategies to make your dream holiday a reality. Here’s Read more [...]

Tips for a Euro-Road Trip

Europe is one of the best places in the world to take a road trip, hands down. With so many different kinds of places in such close proximity, you can drive for one day and cross through several countries! Many backpackers through Europe opt to take trains, buses and planes, but renting a car and making your trip a road trip can save you money and give you more flexibility. Think about having the freedom to stop wherever, whenever, at random places that you’d never see on a bus or train. Follow Read more [...]

Getting through all your chores as quickly as possible  

Very few people enjoy housework - they call them chores for a reason, after all!  However, for those who spend the majority of their time at home (namely stay-at-home professionals and the retired), the idea of keeping the house tidy can often become all encompassing.  It is essential, therefore, for those undertaking their own housework to find a routine that works for them – a way of streamlining the chores so that they don’t dominate day-to-day life.   Streamlining those laborious Read more [...]